2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 – New York Auto Show

At this weeks New York Auto Show, Chevrolet
wheeled out the first of their redesigned 2014 Camaros. And they’ve kicked
things off with the meanest one yet, the Z28. Think of the Z28 as a
911 GT3
sort of car, the recipe reads; a low carb diet (less weight) and more
protein shakes (more power).

The Z28 gets a big ‘ol 7.0liter -SEVEN! –
naturally aspirated American V8 which churns out a whopping 500hp and 470lb ft
of torque. That monster power plant is connected to a manly six-speed manual
gearbox, and drive goes to the back – obviously – actual scientific reports
suggest that driving this car will put hairs on your chest – lots of them. It
probably even comes with a “how to talk in a tough, deep voice manual”, some
manly power tools and an entourage of other bulky blokes speaking in deep
voices carrying power tools. It is literally THAT manly.

Camaro z28

The Z28 is 136kg lighter than the current
generation supercharged ZL1 Camaro (the fastest one), a weight saving which has
been achieved by removing things as pointless as the air-conditioning – which
can be re-optioned if absolutely necessary, you woss -, the rear windscreen
glass has been made thinner, too. Lightweight wheels and carbon ceramic brakes complete
the package; these not only improve braking performance substantially, but
reduce weight significantly as well. There’s stickier (and fatter -305’s at the
rear) Pirelli PZero Trofeo R rubber too, which we’re guessing, contributes to a
big chunk of the three second lap time advantage Chevrolet is claiming this new
car has over the current supercharged ZL1 Camaro.

Inside, not much has changed compared to
the current Camaro, however, this Z28 version gets Recaro sports bucket seats
for increased support, and er, that’s about it.

Camaro z28

Outside, some subtle styling revisions have
taken place. The front end appears to be more aerodynamic with a more
rounded design which should make the new car less thirsty, but lets be honest,
if your buying something with a seven liter engine your probably not the kind
of person who is even slightly aware of the existence of CO2 emissions and
MPG’s, you probably laugh in the face of those poor Toyota Prius owners, too. The
rear has been redesigned to look more like the new Corvette, and for this
special go-fast Z28 model, there’s a seriously rowdy black lip spoiler that
runs right around the car for what we presume is improved down force through
the bends, but it could just be for cool factor because it is simply excessively
massive! I like this…

The full lineup of engines has yet to be
confirmed by Chevrolet, however we can assume a couple of things. It’s highly
likely the 450hp 6.2liter bent eight from the new Corvette will make its way
beneath the bonnet, or ‘hood’ as the Americans like to call it, of the new
Camaro, we might even see that new twin turbo V6 from the
2014 Cadillac CTS
, and a normally aspirated V6 – for those who want a slow,
pathetic, boring but crucially muscular looking muscle car – will most likely
round out the model line up.

Chevy Camaro

Chevrolet is keeping the performance
figures of the new Z28 tight lipped for now, but we’re expecting it to be
slightly quicker from 0-60mph – around the four second mark – and maybe a
little more efficient than the current ZL1 Camaro, so it’ll be very fast and
not very efficient. The car goes on sale in the U.S rather predictably “later”
in the year – Chevys words not ours.

So Carhooters, what do we think of the new
Camaro? Would you buy one? Let us know by tweeting us @carhootsUK!


By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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