2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Teased | VIDEO

Brand new Mercedes C-Class teased in the latest sneaky video from Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes are readying a brand new C-Class sedan. It’s not some ‘new bumpers and lets call it a brand new car’ sort of jobby either, this really is a brand new C-Class. Probably.

Y’see, the video below shows a new sedan shaped Mercedes-Benz model, but there are no specific details or clues which allude to what model it actually is. But if it’s not the new C-Class that’s shown in the teaser video below then I will literally eat my own shoes. I’m THAT confident.

So then, this new C-Class – it looks very, very cozy indeed. The new interior that you’ll see glimpses of in the video looks seriously luxurious – Audi and BMW are going to need to lift their game! Outside the new C appears to be a scaled down version of the big S-Class limo, but with more of those aggressive sharp edges.

The brand new C-Class (or other car) will be officially revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Check out the teaser video below. 

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