2015 Cadillac Escalade Revealed

The latest Cadillac Escalade gangster-mobile has been revealed. New tech, luxury, efficiency, and, naturally, rimz feature.

If you’re a gangster or wannabe gangster, listen up. We’ve got news that will be of great interest to you and your homies – or something… There is a brand spanking new Cadillac Escalade and compared to the current model it’s more luxurious, more techy, more chrome-y, and it has even more space for weapons and things – excellent.

For those without gold teeth and trousers that are several sizes too large, the Escalade is Cadillac’s flagship SUV. It’s crammed full of tech, luxury and general niceness. It’s also MASSIVE, and loved by many American hip-hop-ists, and gangsters. 

The new 2015 Escalade uses the 6.2liter naturally aspirated V8 that’s shared across a host of other massive GM SUVs and trucks. In this instance it produces 420hp and 460lb ft f torque, enough to take the Escalade to 62mph in presumably what is a lot of seconds. Standard fit is a tough old six-speed ‘Hydra-Matic’ auto gearbox. All of this heavy duty-ness allows the Escalade to tow up to 8,200 pounds worth or caravan, boat or other random object. 

Cadillac have also tried to make this new car more fuel efficient than the current gas-guzzler… It looks about as aerodynamic as a brick, but shutter flaps in the grille aid fuel consumption as does direct injection, a cylinder deactivation system and variable valve timing. Cadillac are yet to reveal just how many MPGs the new Escalade can deliver, but we can’t imagine it being very many… 

The suspension design is moderately advanced. The front end uses a coil over shock setup, the rear uses a five-link coil spring design and there are clever adjustable magnetic dampers at each corner to enhance body control and comfort. A wider rear track compared to the outgoing model aids stability, and the car sits on 20-inch rimz. 22’s are an option which should boost street-cred hugely. Sadly though, Cadillac don’t offer spinners as a factory option. 

Inside there’s leather literally everywhere and the central stack is similar in design to that of the newly released CTS sedan. It looks like a properly classy cabin. It’s only let down by that ’90s spec gear selector stork poking out from the steering column. There are three rows of seats, each offering more legroom than in the current Escalade so your bros can stay comfy.

There’s some pretty cool technology on offer, too. The Escalade can be fitted with adaptive cruise control, front and rear automatic braking, automatic collision preparation, lane departure warning, and forward collision alert – all very European options.

If you want a new Cadillac Escalade, you should be able to steal one during the spring of 2014, otherwise you can pay close to $65,000. 

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