2015 McLaren Honda F1 Engine Sound | VIDEO

From 2015 onwards Honda will once again be part of Formula One racing, supplying engines to McLaren. Listen to the V6 turbo engine on the dyno… 

Next year Formula One race cars will be using 1.6liter turbocharged V6 engines rather than the current 2.4liter naturally aspirated V8 screamers that the fans love.

Naturally, people are worried about the quality of sound produced by the new cars sporting two fewer cylinders and turbochargers (which generally mute engine noise). However, the video below proves that we needn’t worry because the Honda V6 engine that will power McLaren’s F1 cars from 2015 onwards sounds pretty awesome.

They’ve deliberately tried to make the V6 units mimic the sounds made by the current V8 cars as much as possible, and it has worked. Sort of. Perhaps the V6 doesn’t quite develop the wide range of notes farted out by the current motors, but what’s cool is that there’s a definite turbocharger ‘hiss’. It’s unique. And it sounds pretty damn good to us!

Enough blabbering, have a listen…

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