2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Leaked | PHOTOS

Spanish blog site leaks official images of the brand new 2015 Mercedes C-Class ahead of 2014 reveal.

It’s happened again! Images of another new car have been leaked onto the internet well before the official reveal date, and that car is the brand new 2015 Mercedes C-Class. Originally planned for a January 2014 reveal at the Detroit Auto Show, the all-new C-Class has appeared in full production form on a Spanish blog site.

The car looks good, right? It’s very clearly closely related to the new S-Class in terms of design, albeit with a more aggressive face and tauter lines for a more youthful appearance. This new C-Class, codenamed W205, will also be the largest C-Class that Mercedes has built, the car growing in length by up to 90mm to further differentiate itself from the less expensive front-drive CLA range.

The new rear-drive MRA platform on which the new C-Class is based is also shared with the massive S-Class limo and upcoming E-Class replacement. The chassis architecture uses all sorts of special lightweight materials to help reduce fuel consumption and weight compared to the outgoing model.

Mercedes is also planning a ‘liftback’ version of the new C-Class to rival the swoopy Audi A5 Sportback and the weird-looking BMW 3 Series GT.

Inside the game has just been lifted several notches because the new C-Class interior is dripping with luxury. It really does look stunning. There’s leather all over the dash, the seats look beautifully sculptured and the center console is uncluttered and elegant. There’s also this new ‘touchpad’ gizmo that appears to be eating some of the other infotainment switchgear.

We’ll see the new C-Class range officially at the Detroit Auto Show in January, and a C63 AMG version should follow shortly after packing a 4.0liter twin turbo V8 and many, many horsepowers – excellent. 

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