450hp McLaren P13 Set For 2014 Release

McLaren Automotive has only been in business for a few of years now, but already it has launched the 12C, the 12C Spider and the new P1. It’s not about to stop there. Next up will be the long-rumored P13, a smaller, lighter sportscar aimed at the top end of the Porsche 911 range.

Now expected to arrive late next year, the P13 will borrow heavily from its existing stablemates. That means a lightweight carbon monocoque, a detuned version of Woking’s 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine and seven-speed Pre-Cog dual-clutch transmission and styling penned by Frank Stephenson and appearing closer to that of the P1 than the 12C.

The latest intel projects it’ll churn out around 450 horsepower, which would make it significantly less powerful than the 911 Turbo it’ll go up against. It also won’t benefit from the Porsche’s all-wheel traction, but its lighter projected curb weight ought to make it a close match in performance. UK pricing is tipped to come in around £120,000, which translates to about $190k or about $70k less than the 12C. That’d make it a touch more expensive than the top of the 911 and Audi R8 coupe ranges, but promises to deliver a higher degree of exclusivity, although US pricing could be adjusted accordingly.

via: autoblog.com


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