5 Cool And (Slightly) Car Related Harlem Shake Videos

The Internet comes up with weird things sometimes, like the Harlem Shake – what ever that is. From what I can tell, it involves a catchy tune, weird costumes, lots of pelvis thrusting and sometimes, even cars.

Here’s carhoots’ favorite five:

Toyota Tarago Drift Van Does The Harlem Shake.


An ancient Toyota Tarago ‘drift van’ smoking its tyres, being danced around by what appears to be, a Santa Clause, a giant mouse, a Mexican, and a sideways drift car. It is legendary.

Chicken Dances, Cars Drift, Harlem Shakes.


This is by far the best Harlem Shake video I’ve seen, partly because there’s multiple cars drifting in sync around an enormous chicken dancing atop another car, and partly because, well, that’s it actually.

Dog Does The Harlem Shake With Drifters.


This one’s a bit animal themed, there’s a dog and an Angry Bird, as well as the obligatory drifting, pelvis thrusting and general bizarreness.

Mini Bike Does The Harlem Shake.


This one’s not so much about the weird dancing, rather copious amounts of tyre smoke. Environmentalist hippies, look away. Also, a mans pants fall down.

All The Right Ingredients.


Here we have yet another enormous chicken dancing atop a car. Obviously the key to a quality Harlem Shake video is dancing chickens. Drifting cars are preferable also. 

By Aiden Taylor 

Aiden is an enthusiastic car crazy university student studying the art of wordsmithery AKA journalism. He thinks he has a Stig like ability to tame his beastly Mazda mx-5 with the use of numerous technical sounding car control terms, some of which probably don’t exist. His views are often whacky and ridiculous but sometimes vaguely logical as well. His dream car is the insane 1200hp Koenigsegg Agera R. Please do get in touch on Twitter (@AidenT_RD)

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