5 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Driving A Convertible (VIDEO)

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Driving A Convertible (VIDEO)

Everyone can hear and see you when you drive a convertible. So, here are a few things that you should not do while driving a convertible car if you don’t like attracting weird looks.

I drive a convertible every day. I don’t drive with the roof down every day, because then my face would look like a monkey’s behind, and my hair like a whacky scientist’s. But when the weather is nice I drop the top and soak up the sun.

You might imagine that driving a convertible is a bit like being a Hollywood star – everyone is jealous of you, and every one looks at you thinking that you’re the coolest human being in the world. However, it isn’t always sunshine and star-studded-ness when you drive about in a convertible, usually because people think that you’re a massive spanner. Or they just hate you because, well, I don’t know actually…

So, to help out my fellow convertible drivers I decided to put together a short video outlining some things that you should avoid doing while driving a convertible car in order to not get attacked, abused, or looked at weirdly.

Fortunately this filming didn’t take long and camera man Jack and I soon got bored of listening to Katy Perry and being stared at my toothless country folk. So we decided to shag some tyres – stay until the end of the video to see that bit…

And yes, we know that there’s actually more than five things in the video (there’s seven if you include the hooliganism). Y’see, Google prefers the number five over seven, and we like it when Google brings people to Carhoots.com and Raw Driving’s videos – hence the ‘5’. 

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