9 Year Old Drives Dad’s Ferrari F430 For His Birthday! | (VIDEO)

This video of a nine year old Indian kid behind the wheel of his Dads Ferrari F430 with his little brother riding shotgun is going viral on the web, so we didn’t want you guys to miss out if you haven’t seen it.

The video which was put up on Youtube by a family member of the nine year old has caused a bit of stir around the world, with the father who apparently facing charges and seizure of the car for letting his son drive it as a treat for his birthday.

The father, Muhammad Nizam is apparently a wealthy business man who had complete trust in his kids driving abilities…Check out the write up they give him on youtube:

“Had been promising him his Ferrari drive since 6months.So gave him d Ferrari keys on his 9th bday.dat was on April 6. He’s a pretty confident nd careful driver,used to driving most of my cars…even my Lamborghini,Bentley coupe,Carrera turbo etc et ….”

How crazy! The video is still on Youtube too, we grabbed it for you below…

Just a closer look at the car the young lad was so happily driving…

Nine Year Old Drives Ferrari F430

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