Accessorising Your Car on a Budget

Accessorise your car on a budget, yes, thats right, we got some moneysaving hints and tips to create your dream car.

Whether you’re the proud owner of a recent model or a ten year old hand-me-down, if you’ve got a car, chances are you’ll be keen to personalise it in some way or another. For fear of heading into “boy-racer” territory, we’ll stop short at listing
all the potential mini-projects you could undertake – but from shiny new alloys to a sound system that makes your local cinema envious – trust us, there are endless way you can personalise your new car without having to break the bank.

Upgrade the Head Unit

As any pair of particular ears will know, factory-fitted head units never produce the same sound quality as an aftermarket alternative from the likes of Alpine or Pioneer. On top of an upgrade in experience, fitting in a better looking unit can also make a world of difference to the interior look of the car. Of course the only trouble is that buying a new head unit outright can be costly, especially if you want all of the gimmicks like iPhone connectivity and Bluetooth.   

The solution? By using discounts and voucher codes you can save you a small fortune, especially when you’re lucky enough to catch offers like 50% off car stereos at Halfords at MyVoucherCodes.

Get Your Car Some New Shoes

For most car manufacturers, the alloy wheels on ‘basic’ models are never very attractive, hence why people upgrade to aftermarket versions. However, you might be interested to know that when these cars get written off from an accident, they’re taken straight to car scrap yards and depending on the damage caused; the wheels may still be in tip-top condition.

With some luck, you may just find some better looking replacements for your stock wheels at a fraction of the cost of the standard retail price. Although it never hurts to haggle, just make sure that they are compatible with your car (e.g. number of bolts & wheel size) and you’re not being taken for a ride on price.

Interior Design

With the amount of time people usually spend inside their cars, we reckon it’d be well worth investing in some comfier, more stylish seats. Although splashing out on brand new ones might be the preferred option, it’s not an idea conducive to most budgets. By looking around for car accessory deals on Amazon instead of shopping in a store, you could pick up some car seat covers to change the look and feel of your car for much less than you might think. 

If you’re eager to accessorise your motor, hopefully the aforementioned tips will save you some much needed cash in the process. Just remember, you might have to do a little more work than if you were buying straight off the shelf, but by making it a DIY weekend project, you’ll end up with a massive saving and a large sense of achievement too.

Have these moneysaving tips helped you? Do you have any? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @CarhootsUK

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