Amazing Camper Vans For Glastonbury Festival

Carhoots takes a look at some of the pimped out vans that we’d like to see at this years Glastonbury Festival.

They’re mainly Kombi vans (aka campers!), OK, they’re all Kombi vans. What can you do? Hippies and festival goers are very particular when it comes to choosing a car.

If you didn’t know what the Glastonbury Festival; it’s all very hippy spectacles and tye dye for this Indy festival. 

Naturally, Carhoots was interested in all the different sorts of vehicles that one might take to such an event. But, we quickly arrived at a problem. 

Y’see, as it turns out, hippies are very narrow-minded and they don’t like modern things because they’re too mainstream and well, normal. They only really ‘feel the love’ for Volkswagen Kombi vans, but you knew that already. What we’re guessing you didn’t know is how far you can pimpify a Kombi van. 

So here are some massively modified and fairly awesome Kombi Vans that would make the perfect transportation to this years Glastonbury Festival. 

Ice-cream Kombi Van


Every festival needs an ice-cream van, we’re guessing this one sells more than just Peters’ ice-cream. 

Kombi Limo


To ferry about the festival’s A-listers, obviously. 

Mini Kombi

Mini Kombi

Hippies like roller-skating, apparently. 

Tractor Kombi

tractor kombi

Glast is notorious for its bad weather and mud drenched fields. What better form of transport than this Tractor Kombi. Ooh arrghh- very West Country!

Tank Kombi


Who wouldn’t want a Kombi shaped tank? Get to the perfect spot in the crowd in the concert! Sure you’d make a few enemies out of pure jealousy, but still. 

The one with the abnormal growth, Kombi 

Hippie Kombi

Very hippy indeed, dude. Embrace the festival spirit!

The one wearing a hat.


This incredibly stylish Kombi features a matching Kombi trailer (show off) and an extremely fashionable headpiece – which doubles as a house-thing. Perfect for those stragglers you pick up!

The motorbike Kombi


It’s a motorbike attached to a Kombi van! Brilliant, right? AND IT’S FOR SALE. The seller would probably take a handful of magic beans for it, too. 

Which is your favourite Kombi van? Leave a comment below or tweet us at @CarhootsApp

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