An Idiots Guide To The Gumball 3000

The 2013 Gumball 3000 Rally is in full swing. We give you the low down on the craziest rally on the planet. Bring on the supercar madness…

What is it?

Just one of the coolest road rallies going around! It started 1999 and each year the er, Gumballists hold a rally from one place to another which is quite a distance away from where they originally set off, usually 3000 miles – hence the name. The rally could be held literally anywhere in the world, one time they went to Phuket in Thailand, which is kind of cool. This years race begins in Copenhagen and finishes in Monaco… Just in time to see Kimi Raikkonen – who often takes part in the rally – have champagne showers.

But what makes this rally particularly cool is that it isn’t about racing or time keeping and the usual boring formalities that come with holding a road rally, no this is just about taking a road trip in your extremely expensive vehicle, throwing raging parties during the evenings, getting mildly plastered, having a great time and raising money for charity. 

Sounds like good fun. How’d all this come about?

The Gumball 3000 was founded by former British racing driver turned fashion designer and entrepreneur, Maximillion Cooper when he and fifty of his chummiest supercar driving pals drove 3000 miles across Europe. Each night parties were held, and famous people like Kate Moss, Billy Zane, Guy Ritchie, Dannii Minogue and Monica Lewinski even attended. 

Anything else I should know?

The cars. Oh the awesome, fast, loud, expensive cars. It isn’t strange to see several Koenigsegg’s drive the Gumball 3000 each year.

Then there’s a smattering of Ferraris and Lamborghinis, McLarens, Morgans, Mercedes AMG’s – there’s an SLR Stirling Moss taking part this year – and loads of other cool supercars.


Some of them are even one off pieces of art like the Team Galag Batman Tumbler which you see here. 


Most of the cars are wrapped in unique liveries as well, for example, there’s a Koenigsegg CCXR covered in the Norwegian flag.
Swedish Koenigsegg CCXR covered in the Norwegian flag. Erm! 

Then there’s a Ferrari 599 GTO covered in the French, Swiss and British colors, and the camouflaged Aventador and Ferrari 458 Spider, which aren’t doing a brilliant job of blending in if we’re honest. It’s the most colorful group of cars you’ve ever seen!

Team 50 on the 2013 Gumball 3000 are taking part in a Ferrari 599 GTO

The Camo Aventador of Team Wolfpack Gumball 3000
Cool Camo Lambo Aventador

          Lamborghini ARTventador
Camo ARTventador designed by @PopBangColour for Team @vivamotorsports

House of cartu cars
House Of Cartu Awesome Camo Ferrari 458 Spider and Bentley

But don’t take our word for it, check out the start of the rally in the video below…


By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

A hat tip for the stunning photography from Schmee150 and Sam Moores Photography for the images. 

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