App of the Month: Everything You Need to Know About Square Cash

For centuries, cash has reigned supreme over the commercial world. However, the world has changed. Time is precious valuable; same day is no longer fast enough. This is the generation of now, where our friends know what we’re eating before we even know how it tastes. This is the age where our thoughts about the Japan sunset can be known around the world, before the sun rises in California. Our grandparents ordered through catalogues and paid in cash. Our parents used a phone and credit cards.

They built this society, now it’s our turn.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to Square Cash. ?

There are many other wireless money services out there, but Square Cash is different. Square Cash offers fantastic features, allowing you to do more with your money. Square Cash makes depositing money in your bank account fast and easy. Most deposits take less than a minute. You can set up your small business to use Square Cash, and receive payments from anyone, even if they’re not members. Transaction charges are minimal, thus ensuring that your money stays with you. If you are paying, there is no charge to you. If you are receiving money, we charge less than 3 percent of the total.

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With a small plug-in to your smartphone, Square Cash can read any credit or debit card. Since 2009, millions of people have trusted Square Cash to handle their money and transactions. When you sign up, you’ll be granted access to our Point of Sales app. This transforms any smart device into a convenient way to run your business.

No more juggling bills, or remembering where you left the keys to the register. No more dealing with miscounted cash drawers, or misplaced paperwork. All transactions are electronic, and in the palm of your hand.

In this fast-paced world, you cannot always guarantee to have the cash in hand when you need it. Square Cash eliminates that problem completely. If you’re going on a Spring Break trip with your friends, it’s always a hassle trying to coordinate who owes what to whom. By the time you get all your friends’ money together, the flight left without you.

Now with Square Cash, collecting the money can be done in a few minutes. Let your friends know your account, and your friends can send you cash with less effort than it takes to zip up a suitcase, or order appetizers for the table.

 Download The Square Cash App Here 


Square Cash is also perfect for a variety of social situations. Nothing is more awkward then trying to figure out who bought what on a shared tab.

A pleasant conversation draws to a stop suddenly as the group huddles around a small white paper. What was a fun conversation is now a hasty buzz of calculators, and no one quite remembers which meal was which? When you finally figure it out, no one has change.

Square Cash changes that.

Rather, Square Cash eliminates that problem. With a couple taps on your phone, you pay exactly what you should. With Square Cash, sharing the bill is easy, even if sharing your food isn’t.

So, what makes Square Cash unique? ??

They’ve introduced a new product called “$Cashtags.” Just as the hashtag has united millions of people over Twitter. Instantly, you can connect with celebrities, or celebrity causes. A “$Cashtag,” is similar. Suddenly, through Square Cash, anyone who sees your Cashtag can send you funds. This code will link your clients, or anyone even curious, directly to your page.

If you want to set up a donation page, it’s simple to send out your Cashtag over twitter, Facebook, or your favorite social media. ??Your best YouTube performances can become cash generating, if you add your Cashtag at the end. These Cashtag lead to a personalized website that describes who you are and what you do. ??This is perfect for a young performer, looking to build a following. This is also perfect for charity work: simply print dozens or hundreds of posters with your Cashtag on it. Anyone who wants to donate will just go to that Cashtag, and follow the directions.

Square Cash is fast, and convenient, but is it safe?

Square Cash offers many different types of protection. Your security codes are secure, and optional CVV entry makes sure no one else can get to your cash. They use high level DSS certification, meaning your data is protected. IF something unexpected happens to your account, you will get instant notifications. They work hard to protect you from fraud.

The SquareCash app downloads onto your smartphone, either iOS or Android. Any smartphone can work with any others. The app has a 5 Star rating in both markets. Wherever your imagination goes, whatever type of business you run, Square Cash can take you to the next level.

Give them a shot, download the app and see just why we chose it for our app of the month.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Square, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine.

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