Apple Reveals ‘In Car’ Version of iOS 7 | (VIDEO)

Apple is proposing iOS for our cars so we can see, hear and dictate to Siri, iTunes Radio, Maps, iMessage and more apple apps while we drive! Taking our finally allowing us to keep pace with the device in our pockets while we are on the road. 

This is going to be awesome!

Having the ability to plug your phone into your swanky new car, whether it is to play music off it, or simply charge it has become a requirement, and it is one feature that buyers are now inquiring about before making the final purchase.

However, things don’t end here anymore, because Apple has something in store for us “by 2014”. According to a recent video, which was taken at the 2013 Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Chevrolet, Infiniti, Kia, Volvo and more will begin to offer full iOS 7 compatibility in their cars as of next year.

Once the user connects the iPhone to a car via a dedicated cable, the car’s display unit will stop showing its generic factory software, and switch to running on the Apple setup.

via Carscoop.com

How cool is this!? 

Check out the short video of Apples SVP Eddy Cue during the WWDC keywnote where he asks and answers the question; “What if you could get iOS on the screen that’s built into your car?” 

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