Aston Martin: The One

We recently wrote about the iconic cars’ appearances in the James Bond franchise, and the One 77 is most intriguing to us at Carhoots for its easy inclusion in the next one: it screams Bond with its streamline design and cutting-edge cool.

The supercar can reach an astounding 220mph, up there with the best of them, and more than enough for even he most hardened speedhead. This is all achievable with its 48-valve, mid-mounted engine and nifty rear-wheel drive. The body of the beast itself feature hand-crafted panels, an artisinal touch that pushes the One 77 up in our estimations that further bit. A deployable spoiler aids in the aerodynamic stakes, with the One 77’s sleek curvature ensuring it’s already more than capable of whipping through the streets with as little air resistance as possible. The interior is, naturally, just as lush as you would expect from Aston Martin, with beautiful lines and leather everywhere. A designer’s dream.

With a mere 77 having been produced, the One 77 is the ultimate exclusive supercar. Chances are we’ll never even see one, let alone be one of the lucky few to own one, but we can always live vicariously or, rather, enviously.

Aston -Martin -One -77-carhoots The One 77 looking spectacular in white



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