Aston Martin V12 Vantage S On The Way? (VIDEO)

There’s a special new Aston Martin coming to celebrate the companies centenary, here’s what Carhoots knows…

Aston Martin recently ceased production of the incredible V12 Vantage, but are they about to bring the V12 Vantage back in a more focused and powerful guise? 

While this teaser video isn’t giving a lot away, we noticed a few Vantage shaped things… The headlights for example, have two projectors, like the Vantage. Then there’s the aggressive boot lid kink at the rear of the car and the slats in the bonnet which hint at a V12 Vantage. Plus, because we’re very geeky, we know that that sound is unmistakably a V12 and the side vent shown for a brief moment is from a Vantage of some sort. Hence, it MUST be a Vantage with a V12 engine…

Take a look at the teaser video below and let us know what you think it might be by tweeting us @CarhootsUK or commenting below. 


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