Aston Martin Vanquish Volante Revealed (PHOTOS)

Flippin’ heck! It’s the new Aston Martin Vanquish Volante in all its convertible glory. We have the photos and a super sexy Volante video

We’ll give you a moment to drink in that shape and lick your lips a little. If you don’t think this car is a stunning piece of carbon sculpture then your retinas must be totally useless, or drunk. It is utter carporn and quite blue. 


As we know lobbing the roof off a sports car generally makes things a bit flimsy and wobbly, like the old Saab 9-3 convertible – a car that had all the chassis rigidity of a soggy piece of lettuce. But, that won’t be the case with Aston’s new drop-top Vanquish because its structure is actually very strong, with 14% more torsional rigidity than the old DBS Volante, which wasn’t exactly a ham sandwich when it came to chassis strength either. 


Surprisingly, the Volante only weighs 9kg more than its hardtop sibling, so straight-line performance hasn’t been harmed at all. With 565hp and 457lb ft of torque from a boisterous 6.0liter naturally aspirated V12 connected to a six-speed automatic gearbox sending drive through the rear wheels, 0-62mph takes 4.1 seconds, a figure which is identical to the roofed Vanquish’s sprint time, and at full stride it’ll hit 183mph. 
Aston-Martin-Vanquish-Volante-2013-side view

Naturally, the spring and damper rates have been modified slightly, and there are three suspension stiffness levels – normal, sport and track – to select from depending on how exuberant you’re feeling. The Vanquish Volante also receives carbon ceramic brakes by Brembo, featuring massive 398mm discs up front and 360mm’s at the rear. 


The folding roof is a triple skinned fabric item which can be lowered beneath a beautifully shaped tonneau in just 14 seconds at speeds of up to 30mph. The boot is quite capacious too with 279 liters on offer, that should be enough to carry a set of golf bats, or some guns, if that’s your thing, Bond. Inside it’s all lovely leather clad Vanquish coupe, and quite blue – good. 


The Vanquish Volante goes on sale early next year with prices starting from precisely $297,995. Is it the prettiest Aston in the range? We think so.  

Now check out this sexy video of  ‘The Ultimate Volante’…


By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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