Audi Q8 Set To Rival Range Rover Sport

Audi are everywhere! Yep we said it… we just can’t get away from them, but you know what? We love it! And we cannot wait for the rumoured Audi Q8 SUV to be released so we can watch the blood spill when it goes head to head with the Range Rover Sport.

Ok, that last part was a little graphic, but it is about time the Range Rover had a worthy competitor and if anybody can compete it is Audi.

The German automakers are churning out models like there is no tomorrow and they need to sell each model they have in order to meet their tremendously high sales targets in their quest for ‘world domination’! With that in mind going head to head with the legendary SUV, Range Rover Sport, Audi have their sites on taking a stronghold grip on the SUV market. The Q7 has been a moderate success and you would expect the Q8 to be a bigger and better improvement upon that model.

This story apparently comes from Autocar.com, who have speculated that Audi will essentially build up the bodywork of the A8 sedan and chuck it down on a revised version of the MLB platform. If the Q8 does come to see the light of day, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a potential flagship-grade SUV on the automaker’s current favorite platform.

If, like us, you are getting excited at the prospect of the Q8, you might want to contain it for a little longer until it is actually confirmed. Remember the Lamborghini rumours of them producing a sport utility vehicle to dealerships? Yep, that never happened. We hope the Q8 does happen but if it doesn’t blame Autocar for getting your hopes up not us ๐Ÿ˜‰

Audi Q8 To Rival Range Rover Sport?

What are your thoughts on the Q8? Would you like to see it? And do you think it Audi should be looking to compete with the Range Rover? Tweet us @carhootsuk, or leave a comment below.

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