Behind The Scenes Footage Of Clarkson Hooning The McLaren P1 Supercar | VIDEO

TopGear have been caught filming a feature on the McLaren P1 hybrid supercar for season 21 of the show. Is the 900hp P1 too much for Clarkson!? 

TopGear have been out filming the immense McLaren P1 for an upcoming feature on the show that we’ll see during season 21. Clarkson takes to the wheel of the 900hp supercar, and um, drives about gingerly, occasionally prodding the accelerator pedal with enthusiasm… Which reveals that he isn’t as great a driver as it would appear on the TV screen. He awkwardly drifts the P1 around Spa, almost spinning completely on one occasion – where was The Stig?

Another thing that becomes quite clear in this video is TopGear’s HUGE budget. Not only have they got a Mercedes ML63 AMG camera car with one of those snakey arm thingys, but a damn chopper appears at one stage as well!

Check out the video

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