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Many cars have had black boxes
installed since 1996, but they do not monitor continuously – they
are only activated when they detect that the airbags are about to
be deployed. The new model of black boxes are stored on the cars’
dash board and monitor and record the events and actions of the
driver such as speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and times of
day the car is driven. The idea is that insurance companies can use
the information collected to assess which drivers are less likely
to be involved in an accident and those that are ‘risky’

Three years ago
there were only 12,000 insurance policies which used black box
recorders. With insurance premiums for young people reaching from
over £1000 to a ridiculous £8000 and with women no longer receiving
a discount based on gender, it’s not surprising that now 180, 000
people are choosing policies with a black box such as

However, with black
boxes costing a few hundred pounds to buy and install, and with no
guarantee that insurance premiums will be reduced, not everyone is
convinced by the technology. Brian MacDowall – spokesman for
Association for
British Drivers
– believes that some drivers could
end up facing far higher costs, even if they are not necessarily
dangerous drivers. He says “people’s lives are too varied and
interesting these days and you cannot programme a car to do the
exact same thing all the time – you might need to suddenly go out
at night, or rush someone to hospital – anything can happen that
could see you break your contract resulting in a higher premium as
well as already having paid out for the box”.

Would you install a
black box to attempt to reduce your insurance premium? Or would you
prefer to pay the original quote price knowing that you can drive
how you want without being penalised for driving at night or
occasionally going over the speed limit when over-taking? Should
someone not be questioning how insurers can get away with charging
up to £8000 a year for car insurance?

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