BMW 3 Series 320d Video Review By Raw Driving

Carhoots blogger, Aiden Taylor, gets behind the wheel of the 2013 BMW 3 Series in his latest Raw Driving Review video.

Whenever the BMW 3 Series comes into question you constantly find yourself asking, ‘is it really the Ultimate Driving Machine that BMW say it is?’ That’s quite a difficult question to answer though, because we all want and need something different from a car. 

Personally, I don’t think the 3 Series is the Ultimate Driving Machine because to me an Ultimate Driving Machine is something very lightweight, very impractical, very pure, and very completely stupid in the eyes of ‘normal’ road users (think Caterham, BAC Mono etc.), perhaps because I’m a bit idiotic and childish and just want a racing car for the road from my Ultimate Driving Machine, which I’m guessing most moderately sane people do not.

What the 3 Series does though, is impress on many, many levels. When you just want to just mooch around it’s soothing and very comfortable. Then when you pop it in maximum attack mode and quieten the traction control nannies it’s a thoroughly enjoyable thing to hammer along a twisty road.

The 320d that we tested wanted to understeer more than anything if you exceeded its high levels of grip, but with a quick boot full of throttle mid corner you could get the rear end to swing just enough to sneak in a good ‘ol ‘dab of oppo’, or an arm full on a slippery surface. With a more powerful motor it’d be an absolute hoot (bring on the new M3), but then the 2.0liter diesel car is capable of delivering some truly astonishing MPG figures as well.

Our tester wasn’t fitted with many options; there were no adaptive dampers, but we found the balance between handling and comfort superb on the standard fixed rate springs, it was also fitted with the standard seats and we’d suggest that if you plan on driving your 3 Series briskly around corners you should option the sports seats because the standard ones aren’t particularly supportive. 

Anyway, enough blabbering on. Enjoy the video, get in touch on Twitter @RawDrivingFilms and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube. 


Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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