BMW Confirms New M5 And M6 Competition Pack (PICTURES)

BMW have revealed a mildly face lifted BMW M5 and a more track focused range of M5 and M6 models. The German power race continues…

Do you find the BMW M5 too sloppy, too drifty, and too frightening? Well, we’ve got good news for you and your ham-fistedness! BMW have had a go at taming the beast by tightening everything up, and feeding it more protein bars to give their most powerful M car some extra punch. 

BMW M5 and BMW M6

Just like Audi and Mercedes, BMW have come out with more performance orientated models of their already performance orientated models. Right… It’s called the Competition Pack, and you can have it with any M5 or M6 model. No performance package would be complete without a power hike, so the 4.4liter twin turbo V8 now develops 575hp (up from 562), and 0-62mph takes 0.1 seconds less than before in each model. But the competition pack cars aren’t about going faster in a straight line; the M5/6 was already quite good at that. No, the main aim of the competition pack is to tame BMWs monstrous M cars’ mobile rear ends. 

To stop the M5 and M6 models shredding their rear tyres and wagging their tails joyfully through the bends, BMWs M division have been hard at work tweaking all manner of bits and pieces beneath the metal. They’ve added stiffer anti-roll bars, stiffer springs and dampers, and the cars sit 10mm lower than standard.

BMW M5 front - competition pack

To improve front-end grip the front axle bushings have been beefed up, and the hydraulic power steering system has been reprogrammed to give a more direct feel, plus greater agility. But wait, there’s more, because, BMW have “precisely calculated elastokinematics for the front axle” – which is exactly what I’d hoped BMW would do. I love a bit of front-end elasticity, er, probably. 

BMW M5 rear - competition pack

To keep that rear end in check the Active M Differential has been reprogrammed to for improved traction. What’s more, the DSC stability and traction control system has been programmed with higher thresholds of intervention in M Dynamic Mode. The result, says BMW is a “new dimension of dynamics in customary BMW M style” – which is good. Carbon ceramic brakes however, still remain a pricey option, which isn’t so good.

bmw m6 rear

To ensure your Competition Pack car doesn’t get confused by the uneducated with the standard M cars BMW have fitted new 20 inch alloys, which look remarkably similar to those fitted to Mercedes’ SLS AMG supercar, and a shoutier sports exhaust with black chrome tips. 

BMW M6 Wheel - competition pack

Those eagle-eyed viewers might’ve noticed that there’s something a bit different going on round the front of the M5. See it? Look closely and you might – if you get a magnifying glass out – see a little ‘M5’ badge strapped to a new wider grille. That’ll be the new M5 facelift. Inside there’s a new steering wheel, power is the same at 562hp for the non Competition Pack cars, 0-62mph still takes 4.4 seconds, the suspension is all the same, it’s essentially the same car, and one of the worst ‘facelifts’ EVER. 

But we’ll forgive BMW for their pointless facelift, because the $7300 USD (around £4730) Competition Pack sounds promising! 

Now see it in action…


By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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