BMW M4 Leaked, Potentially…

Some Belgians have leaked a supposedly official image of BMW’s new M4 Coupe online. Carhoots have the details.

According to Belgian site, Auto55.be – yes, you’re right, that does sound very credible (not) -, this is an official image of BMW’s M4 Coupe Concept. As has been the case with just about every recently released M car, BMW insist on revealing the new M4 in ‘concept’ form before showing the identical looking production car at a later stage.


While auto55.be sounds like a dodgier source than fakefiles.com there are a few details which suggest that the Belgian site has indeed produced the legit goods. The images show a familiar looking aggressive front fascia, the bonnet’s ‘power bulge’ is clearly noticeable, aerodynamic mirrors cling to the doors, and the double dome carbon fiber roof is present as well. These are all styling cues that we’ve seen in M4 spy photographs countless times before. What’s more, the car shown here wears the same mustard hew as the M4 shown in BMW’s latest teaser video.

The Belgians haven’t revealed any power or performance figures, but the M4’s turbocharged six-cylinder engine should produce something like 450hp and 405lb ft of torque – enough to make it a quite a speeeedy car.

The site also says the M4 Concept will be revealed at next months Frankfurt Motor Show. If these reports are indeed true more detail should be revealed shortly.

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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