BMW M5 Breaks The Worlds Longest Drift Record (VIDEO)

BMW’s hoon-mobile, the M5, sets a Guinness World Record for the longest drift. Carhoots has the details and a soothing video. 

The BMW M5 is a bit of a monster. It’s a tyre torturing, 552hp, suit-wearing hooligan. It’ll smoke its fat rear tyres at the slightest whiff of throttle input if you pop it into its most ferocious setting and eliminate all of the traction and stability control nannies then let the twin turbo V8 loose.

So, as you’d imagine, the M5 is a more than ideal drift car. It’s so good at going sideways in fact, that the M5 and BMW Performance Centre instructor Johan Schwartz actually now hold the record for the worlds longest drift at precisely 51.278 miles. Frankly, we’re surprised it’s taken BMW this long to claim the record. 

Now watch the video… 


By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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