BMW Models Soon To Welcome Siri and S-Voice On Board

Apples Siri and Androids S-Voice interactive features will be available on BMW models in 2014 as BMW step up there technology features once again. The German automaker has announced the upgrades to its ConnectedDrive suite of telematics safety and convenience features at a push of a button on the cars steering wheel! 

This sounds so cool, but as well as the bunch of apps that will be available while on the road, it is also a huge safety factor, as it provides emergency phone assistance and automatic crash notification on almost all models. 

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Consumerreports gave the details:

With the Siri and S-Voice integration, users will be able to access their paired phone’s voice command assistant through the same steering-wheel-mounted button used to access the car’s built-in voice command menu. Pressing the button once will continue to access the car’s menu for audio, climate, navigation, and other functions, while holding the button gains access to the phone’s built-in virtual personal assistant through the car’s audio system. 

Other upgrades include: 

  • 10 years of access to BMW Assist standard on most models, including emergency crash notification and one-button access to live help.

  • Automatic service reminders based on mileage , driving habits, and vehicle needs.

  • Improvements to iDrive traffic reporting, entertainment, connectivity, and navigation, with the addition of a touch pad for entering addresses on navigation-equipped models.

  • 3G Internet access while the vehicle is stationary.

  • A concierge service for assistance placing calls and locating points of interest.

  • Increased access to mobile apps through the iDrive controller, including Yelp, Google Street View, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

  • The ability for owners to add selected apps for access in the car, as long as they meet BMW requirements to minimize distraction.

  • Enhanced voice-recognition capability.

via: Consumerreports.org

Apparently the availability of the new ConnectedDrive features varies by model and pricing and specific release dates have not been announced, but this is an awesome feature which will have the likes of Tesla, Audi and Mercedes on their toes, and could well be an added feature to the 5 car technologies we expect to see in 2020.

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