BMW Reveals Their Active Tourer Outdoor Concept

The Active Tourer Concept previews BMW’s upcoming 1 Series GT, this Outdoor version has been modified with cyclists in mind…

It looks like a dribbling dogs windswept head being attacked by a 60mph wind. But what it is, is an ‘Outdoor’ version of BMW’s Active Tourer Concept. Presumably that means that you aren’t allowed to drive it indoors, which is a great shame really. 


The BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept is actually a car for the sort of chap who likes their clothes to er, cling to them tightly then become extremely sweaty and uncomfortable, just for fun. It’s a very niche market that BMW are targeting here; they are of course trying to impress cyclists. 


To do this, BMW have taken their Active Tourer Concept, and painted it orange, naturally. They’ve also folded the seats down and thrown some pieces of bicycle in the back. It is a deeply confusing vehicle.


The best possible way to think about this windswept dogs head on wheels without becoming a stuttering pile of confusion is to consider the upcoming 1 Series GT. It’s the car that will, at some presumably not too distant point, sit below the current 1 Series hatch and send power to its front wheels only. It’ll be the first ever BMW-badged product to do this. 


The Active Tourer Outdoor Concept is a bit longer, a bit wider and a whole lot taller than the 1 Series hatch, but its wheelbase is a tad smaller. The Active Tourer Concept is about the same size as a Mercedes B-Class. The car is powered by BMW’s 1.5liter three-cylinder engine and an electric motor which can drive the car all by itself in certain situations.


Apparently there’s a safety feature which detects when you’re being naughty and driving the Outdoor concept indoors and then switches off the petrol motor to prevent gasses being belched out inside buildings. Not really, I might’ve made that bit up, but good idea, no?

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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