BMW Reveals Their Racey Motorsport Tent

Behold, the BMW Motorsport Tent, built exclusively for those who should know better. 

Now, I’m not much of a fan of camping, it is absolutely horrible. Because, once you’ve driven hundreds of miles to get to your campsite you simply want to relax, not spend hours building your makeshift house. It just isn’t very holiday-ish. 

BMW MotorSport Tent

However, BMW have a solution, which will also make you the biggest cock in your campsite. Especially if you drive a 116i or some other pathetically slow non-M model. 

According to BMW, “the new BMW Motorsport Tent for 2013 effortlessly puts all BMW motorsport fans in pole position” – seriously. Y’see this is odd because I’m not entirely convinced that erecting a tent that instantly makes everyone on planet earth want to pelt you with rocks and carve penis paintings into your cars’ body panels is going to help you win a race. 

Unless of course you’re racing the chap in the campsite next door to see who can pitch their makeshift house in the quickest time. Because, “this robust two-person tent can be put up – after a little practice – in the time it takes to lap the Hockenheimring” – under two minutes incase you were wondering. Very racey indeed. 

The BMW Motorsport tent is sure to impact any campsite it’s pitched in as well. BMW reckon that “Those who pitch this racy little number next to the racetrack are sure to make a special contribution to the atmosphere, too”. We’re not exactly sure what BMW mean by ‘special contribution’ but causing excessive shouting of the word ‘plonker’ springs immediately to mind. 

Please BMW, you make some marvelous cars and I like you, but when you make things like this it makes me want to slap you silly. Please just stick to cars, and those odd two wheeled things – if absolutely necessary. 

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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