Car Buying for Students | (Tips)

That’s one of the easier questions though and I think it’s
safe to say we all know the answer to that one! More difficult
questions however involve high involvement purchases like buying a
new car… or your first one for that matter! This is anything but
easy and it takes a lot of time, research and effort into finding
the right one! Particularly when having to stick to a lower budget.
Below are a few hints and tips to help you when buying a car:

• Initial questions to ask yourself
Before beginning you should consider the following: Do you travel
alone or in larger groups? Will you use the car for travelling and
need luggage space? Is the car for scooting about town or will you
find yourself on the motorway a lot? How much mileage do you expect
to be doing each year? Once you’ve answered these questions try
doing some research – online can be a good place to start with many
websites at hand, for example, carhoots, autocar and topgear.

• Think about the hidden costs – Don’t get
carried away! Just because you think you’ve been shown the perfect
car (cheap, stylish, just what you’ve been looking for) it doesn’t
mean that it’s actually perfect. While it might be cheap to buy
initially, it is crucial to consider the hidden costs for example,
if it’s an old car it might need fixing often and you will also
have to pay the cost for it to pass its MOT (an expensive task).
Petrol is another important factor to be wary of for example, don’t
go for the gas-guzzling car with a large engine if you don’t need
it. Choose wisely!

• When to buy – It’s possible to be smart
about when to buy a car. For example, registration plates change
twice a year (March and September). These months are therefore very
busy and the high demand makes receiving a discount rather
unlikely. February and August on the other hand are quieter months,
demand is low and therefore you might find that dealers are willing
to discuss discounts. This is for two reasons: they will be eager
to keep a flow of cash coming in and they will want to reduce stock
levels in preparation for the influx of new cars.

• Avoid unnecessary add-ons – Don’t be
fooled by car salesmen when it comes to finally purchasing a car.
Make a list of all of the add-ons that you would like (if any) for
example, while a sunroof might sound like a good idea today…
tomorrow you might not feel the same way! It costs extra (is
profitable to the dealers) and it doesn’t add much value to your
car when it comes to finally selling it on.

These are only a few hints and tips to get you started. Remember
to take time over it and a word of advice… it might be a good
idea to think with your head, not with your heart!

Image courtesy of: Robert W.

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