Car Tech Countdown To 2018 | (Infographic)

Ever wondered what will future cars be like? What car tech will be making our lives easier? Wonder no more! This cool infographic breaks down exciting new car tech movements…

Car technology has advanced so much in recent years; from reverse parking sensors in the 90’s to self driving cars this present day. This advancement in car tech doesn’t seem to be slowing down with exciting new developments like 4G access, internet radio and compressed air power. Ford even predict that self driving cars will be a common sight on the road by 2017.

Check out this cool infographic to see the car tech countdown to 2018:

Car Tech Countdown to 2018Via: via Carrie Thompson for  L and L Automotive

Which car tech are you most excited about? Will you be driving a self sriving car by 2018? Tweet us @CarhootsApp or leave a comment below

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