Car vs Truck :: More Russian Road Collisions Caught On Camera | (VIDEO)

is safe to say that if you are going to drive in Russia, make sure you have the
best car insurance! We have seen plenty of Russian traffic accidents over the
last few months due the fact all vehicles are fitted with camera’s and this is
yet another close call. Though the drivers of this car seem pretty chilled out about it all…

 Carscoops explain:

is not your typical car bumps into truck crash, because what it does with the
larger vehicle is not slam into it, but rather act as a ramp, which sends it
flying onto its side, with one of its wheels detaching at speed and hitting the
third car, the one with the dash-mounted camera. It is a mouthful, but it
pretty much covers what happened.

The cause of the first
driver’s veering into the oncoming lane is not known, but judging by the way it
drifts to the left relatively slowly (compared to the general pace of things),
a lapse in concentration or fatigue could be to blame – there was no reaction
from the driver.

In the end, things
apparently turned out fine, and if we are to believe the video’s description,
“everybody survives”, which is good. This makes it safe to watch
multiple times, just to see the John Woo movie-style flip. Hollywood could have
a thing or two to learn from Russian crash videos, and add a bit more realism
into the mix…”


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