Carhooter’s Cars – Week One

In the Carhooter’s Cars series of blogs we showcase what the people in the Carhoots community got up to with cars during the week!

As it turns out, they’re a pretty interesting bunch who – over the last seven days – have been out spotting rare supercars, driving hot metal, visiting car shows and um, playing golf…sort of.

Thanks to everyone that contributed – here is your week with cars!

Supercar Spot 


“One of 77 – need I say more?” @_mocho 

Dawn Raid


“Stretching BMW’s twin turbo six beyond 5000rpm is an utter joy – the NOISE” @AidenT_RD

Test Drive


“I got to drive both the V6 S and V8 S Jaguar F-Type this week…. Both are amazing!” @Zero2Turbo

Golf Buggy


“Driven – Mercedes A250 ‘Engineered by AMG’ – on a golf course.” –  @WaynesWorldAuto

Off road – almost…


“Took the XC90 to CarFest!” –@Speedmonkeycouk 

Hot Hatch


It’s PHAT, it has a fat arse, and it’s a RenaultSport. It’s PHATRS.” @PhatRS

Two important letters.


Now, which one? Eenie, meenie…”  @zerogeewhiz

Super SUV


#Ultimatesearchengine …or Faster then a speeding bullet ..Just add Octane and Air to get you…whooooaaa” @Damon_Marshall 

Want to be part of next week’s Carhooter’s Cars blog?

It’s simple, send us a photo of what you did with cars this week via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or by simply leaving a comment in the box below with an image attached – just make sure you use the hashtag #CarhootersCars! 

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