Carhoots’ Picks From The 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show has been mega; just about every major manufacturer brought something new and exciting to the show. Here are our favorite production and concept cars from Frankfurt 2013…

Porsche 918 Spyder

“Anything that looks this fast just parked has to be worth it! Plus it’s now officially the fastest production car to lap that Nurburgburgburgring thing, which is nice.” – Sam, Developer.

BMW i8

“Going with the green theme this year – it has to be the BMW i8 Hybrid. Futuristic design, years ahead of its time and an overall beauty (Godess maybe?) to drool over.” – James, Co-Founder.

Brabus G63S 6X6

“It has SIX wheels. SEVEN hundred horsepower. And well, just look at it – it’s totally insane. I like that.” – Aiden, Blog Editor.

One of the new Audis…

I like the new “Audi doodie – it’s quicker than walking and you won’t have to sit next to a poor person on a bus” (to quote Lee Mack) – Dan, Developer (and self-proclaimed comedian).

Ferrari 458 Speciale

“It takes the already awesome 458 to a whole new level. Plus it has stripes, and those are always an excellent addition.” – Luke, Sales and Marketing Director.

Jaguar C-X17 SUV Concept

“It’s an SUV, that is actually rather nice to look at. And building an SUV is a massive deal for Jaguar, they never would have done it a decade or so ago, and it shows that the ‘new’ Jaguar that we’ve started to see with the F-Type and to a lesser extent the XF and XJ isn’t afraid of change.” – Aiden, Blog Editor (yes, I get to have two favorites – just coz). 

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