Carhoots – Top 5 Car Videos Of The Week

1. Ferdinand Ice Festival 2013

I have a newfound respect for Norwegians after watching this video. You see, I thought they all lived in igloos and ate deer. I essentially thought they were Eskimos. I’d never seen a Norwegian party or do anything even remotely fun – partly, ok, mainly because I’ve never actually seen a Norwegian. But as it turns out, they know how to have a good time. The Ferdinand Ice Festival is basically an event where you bring literally any vehicle – cars, bikes, choppers, etc. – and drive them, mostly sideways, on a frozen lake. It must be epic! I want to go in a GT86 next year.




2. The Ferrari Enzo WRC

From the creators of the Rolls Royce Phantom drifting through some soggy countryside video comes this, a Ferrari Enzo – one of the most sought after modern supercars in the world – drifting on some muddy gravel roads and around some barns on what is basically, a blokes farm. Obviously these hoons don’t care much for hiding their cars away in sheds, or not driving in the rain, or not crashing millions of dollars worth of supercar.




3. TopGear Korea Chopper Crash

What’s incredible about this video is not the mechanical failure of the choppers computery bits, or how the pilot wasn’t harmed, but how good TopGear Korea actually is! It’s much better than the useless TopGear USA and the now defunct TopGear Australia TV series’. Well done you industrious Koreans!




4. The Most Realistic Car Game On The Planet – XCAR

So, you’ve clocked GT5, NFS3, and numerous other obscurely named computer games. You’ve got the whole steering wheel and pedals set up in your parents’ basement, or the living room if you’ve done all your chores, but still these mainstream racing simulators simply aren’t challenging enough for you. Then your next step should be into one of these £200,000 I-Way simulators that will hurt you, scare you and challenge you like no other racing car game you’ve ever played.



5. Drunk Russian Rides A Fridge.

I do love Russians, mainly because they consistently provide me with stupidly entertaining content to tell all of you people about. This time it’s a bloke sitting in a fridge – seriously – being towed along by his mates. He hits a gutter and falls out. And I can’t stop laughing!




Loved these videos? Which was your fave? Crazy Russian’s again? Or our favourite the Russian Ice Festival? 
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By Aiden Taylor 

Aiden is an enthusiastic car crazy university student studying the art of wordsmithery AKA journalism. He thinks he has a Stig like ability to tame his beastly Mazda mx-5 with the use of numerous technical sounding car control terms, some of which probably don’t exist. His views are often whacky and ridiculous but sometimes vaguely logical as well. His dream car is the insane 1200hp Koenigsegg Agera R. Please do get in touch on Twitter (@AidenT_RD)

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