Chris Brown’s Lamborghini – A Real Life Hot Wheels Car?!

Chris Brown is not one to shy away from attention and controversy. There is absolutely no way he can go unnoticed in his customised ‘Hot Wheels’ Lamborghini Gallardo. 

Jalopnik.com have the details:

I’m not here to compliment Chris Brown. I don’t particularly like him. At all. But what I do like is what he’s done to his Lamborghini. It’s like a really big Hot Wheels for the road.

Brown had West Coast Customs modify his Gallardo into a car he’s calling “El Toro.” And y’know what? I like it.

WCC made it look like the cars I rolled around on the floor when I was kid and definitely don’t still play with. The paint looks great, and other than the Aventador-esque inlets at the front (which I could do without), I’m totally for everything about this car.

Other than the owner.

            Chris browns lamborghini

            Chris brown Lamborghini

via jalopnik.com

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