Citroen DS Wild Rubis Concept | Shanghai Motor Show

Citroen reveals pictures of its DS Wild Rubis Concept SUV ahead of the Shanghai Motor Show. Carhoots has lots of mostly purple pictures. Looks good!

Behold, the Citroen DS Wild Rubis Concept with styling cues drawn directly from vast wilderness of the Amazon, probably. It really does look wild, in a good way.

While it might be wildly styled with its massive chunks of chrome, 21″ wheels, roof rails which get eaten by the C-pillars, and “hypnotic stare” – what ever that means – it doesn’t draw too far from the primary design aesthetic that we’ve seen previously from Citroens upmarket DS range. So we’re not expecting too much toning down for the production model that will eventuate from this concept. That said, we’re not sure what’s going on with the front grille, it is vastly different to that of the DS5 hatch and DS3 city car, and it doesn’t even have any gaps for air flow – which we’d assume is necessary to make the engine run without exploding slightly.

It gets stranger, too. There are no Citroen badges here at all, you just get one whopping great ‘DS’ badge on the grille and another on the bonnet, and another on the back, and no doubt some others elsewhere. Perhaps Citroen wants to detach the more upmarket DS brand from the standard econo-box volume seller Citroen models.

              Citroen DS Wild Rubis Side View

The DS Wild Rubis previews the styling direction taken for the 2014 DS7 SUV which will compete with cars like the Volkswagen Touareg and BMW X5. The production car will be built in China and roll on a modified version of the DS5’s chassis. It will likely feature a hybrid powertrain with the front wheels powered by a 1.6liter turbo four-cylinder engine, and the rears by an electric motor giving it four-wheel drive with a power output in the vicinity of 240hp.

              Citroen DS Wild Rubis Rear  

For now the production version of the Wild Rubis will only be allowed to conquer the harsh, dense forestation of China with as a Chinese-market only vehicle. However Citroen has suggested that eventually it may also be offered in other key markets in order to help elevate the DS brand into the realms of the big German three.
It looks brilliant – to these eyes at least -, and purple, we certainly hope the Chinese like to share.

What do you think Carhooters? Stomp your feet, kick up a stink and shout a little, then Citroen might let you buy one. Unless you’re from China, then you can just buy it without fuss…

Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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