Citroen Teases With Its New DS3 Cabrio

The car is due to show in Paris in September but the company have decided to show off their most recent incarnation online to get us at Carhoots.com excited about the big unveil.

The DS3 has some solid improvements on its predecessors, which is impressive given it’s already been hailed as one of the most stylish small cars on the market. On top of being lavishly spacious like its forebears, the new cabrio adds that touch of nomadic je ne sais pas: there’s something deliciously flippant about rolling down the roof of your car with the push of a button and having the (albeit cool) air flick around your hair as you cruise along. The retractable roof itself is a lush affair, woven of three fabrics and in turn being highly customisable. This can only appeal further to the stylish set who’ve already got their eyes set on Citroen’s recent output. It pushes the boot space down by a measly 40litres, which is entirely liveable-with unless you have a worrying case of shopaholism.

Citroen -DS3Cabrio --3-

The interior carries on where the exterior starts: leather upholstery is matched by stylish curves and ambient lighting. It’s all sleek metal and plush seating, beautifully jarred and yet deeply inviting. The DS3 cabrio seems a logical step for Citroen, what with there being little way to improve on what was already a great car. Our only hope, and it is a weak one, is that there are enough rainless days in our future to merit buying the DS3.


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