Collaborative consumption – what is the future of car ownership?

Sharing, renting, lending, swapping… Collaborative consumption in the automotive industry is disrupting old market behaviours and reinventing car ownership as we know it. Technological advancements are altering the modern consumers relationship with cars in the city. We take a look at the pioneers of car sharing who are changing how we live and work.  

Zipcar– car ownership for the young

Zipcar is a leading example of collaborative consumption, giving people the benefit of car ownership without the costs. Zipcar offers pay as you go hourly rates, allowing members to hire vehicles only when they need to drive. The rates conveniently include fuel, the congestion charge and insurance making the service cost effective and hassle free…little wonder why they are the World’s largest car sharing club. 


ParkatmyHouse – profit from sharing your parking space
Did you know that there is a world sharing day? This says a lot for the life of a trendy modern urbanite and now ParkatmyHouse allows you to profit from sharing your space too. With all those empty drives and garages belonging to the car-less urban dweller, ParkatmyHouse helps you make money whilst enabling others to save on pricey parking. It’s win-win for both parties!


Car2go-technology and travel

Recent technology is fuelling the growth of collaborative consumption. Take car2go for example, who’d of thought that you could pick up a car and leave it anywhere in the city? Pretty cool, eh? Having recently launched in London it is yet another business model that is removing the need for car ownership in the city.


BlaBlaCar– connects drivers who have empty seats with people looking for a ride

81% of people say the sharing makes them happy and with 33 million empty commuter seats each day in the UK, where better to start than giving someone a lift? BlaBlaCar is a friendly community marketplace that connects drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride. It’s a people powered network and is making travel social, transporting a whopping 500,000 passengers across Europe every month. Such a brilliant idea!  


Whip car – peer to peer car sharing

WhipCar is the first service in the world where a car owner can rent out their vehicle for money, whenever they are not using it. It connects cars that are sitting idle with drivers living nearby that need a car to use. With a network across 450 towns and cities it’s encouraging more and more people to opt for a pay as you live lifestyle.


How are these new business models affecting how you travel? Has anyone used one of these services? Let us know your views by commenting below. 


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