Convertible Star Cars

Celebrities might complain about the papparazi not giving them an inch of privacy but we all know that they love all the attention they can get, and one way to get that attention is to drive around in a head turning car. Such is their need to be seen, celebrities love to drive around in some of the finest convertibles in the world.

Lindsey Lohan – Ferrari California

Okay, so Lindsey Lohan might have had one chance too many to still be behind the wheel of a car but she still knows how to roll around LA in style to make sure she is still centre of attention. Lets just hope that Lohan doesn’t get her license back anytime soon, for the sake of this badboy Farri California!


Wayne Rooney – Bentley Convertible

We couldn’t possibly have a celebrity convertible post without including a professional footballer could we. Footballers in England might not be able to get their roof down for many days of the year, but many of them don’t want to miss out on the opportunity when it comes along. Rooney, Christiano Ronaldo, and John Terry are just a few of the big players to have owned a convertible Bentley over the years. It is also the hugely popular choice for stars across the pond too as the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Mark Walberg have all been pictured with the English car.

Rooney Convertible Bentley

Mila Kunis – Jaguar

Hollywood actress Mila Kunis poses with the ultimate incarnation of the Jaguar XK convertible. The XKR-S costs £100,000 and justifies its price tag with a power boost to nearly 550hp. Calm down though guys, Mila doesn’t actually come with the car!

Jaguar -Mila -Kunis

Jennifer Anniston & Gerard Butler -Oldsmobile Delta 88

We don’t mind a retro car in any list so we just had to include the Oldsmobile Delta 88. It is fittingly driven by the stylish duo Jennifer Anniston and Gerard Butler in the movie ‘The Bounty Hunter’. It might not be a ferrari but it wll still turn heads, especially with two of Hollywoods biggest stars in the front seats!

Oldsmobile -Delta -Gerrard -Butler

Britney Spears – Mini Cooper S

Not one to shy away from the press Britney Spears surprisingly keeps it low key with this cute little MINI Cooper S Convertible. 

Britney Car

Seal – Ferrari 430 Spider

Fresh from his recent break-up with Heidi Klum Seal will no doubt comfort himself with his toys, one of which being a mean Ferrari 430 Spider in black. There is just one question…which sounds sweeter? Seal’s husky soul voice or the Ferrari’s screaming V8 going full chat at 8,500rpm? 

Seal -Ferrari -Spyder

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