Cyclists vs Pensioner With A Bat! #RoadRage | (Video)

A 74 year old man has been laid with charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after attacking a number of cyclists who were “all over the damn road!”

According to the cyclist who recorded this incident, the elderly gentleman seen wielding his baseball bat in the video took exception to the way the cyclists were “all over the damn road” and in his anger proceeded to knock one of them off of the shoulder before slamming on his brakes, causing another cyclist to collide with the rear of his Chevrolet Silverado. This last collision resulted in a fractured wrist for the rider.

After confronting the cyclists on foot (while clutching his bat) 74-year-old Sherman Ralph Clark proceeded to leave the scene by driving over one of the stricken bicycles.

via: Automablog.co.za

That is one angry man with a real hatred for cyclists!

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