Design Vision GTI | Golf Goes Wild For Wörthersee Festival

Basic 217hp Golf GTI not quite enough to satisfy your hot hatchery needs? Carhoots feels this 503hp Design Vision GTI version might be more appropriate.

The humble Volkswagen Golf GTI is a little bit bland. Good, but not overly exciting, that’s always been its ‘thing’. But every once in a while Volkswagen have a go at turning it completely feral. You might remember the mid-engined, W12 powered, 650hp Golf from 2007, a thing that you certainly could not call bland or boring, mostly because driving it was like cuddling a grizzly bear in a mental institution. It was more certifiably insane than Will dot I dot Am dots wardrobe wearing a beard.


What you see here, is not that insane. Think of it as Will dot I dot Am dots wardrobe without a beard. It’s still completely nuts by any measure, but less so than before. 

Behind the widened grille lurks the 3.0liter twin turbo V6 from the new Porsche Panamera. But in this case, it’s been popping the kind of pills that make your genitals shrink and produces a startling 503hp and 413lb ft of torque. Which, when combined with a DSG gearbox and all-wheel-drive, is enough to send this GTI to 62mph in just 3.9 seconds, onto 186mph and well into supercar territory. 

The Design Vision GTI is lower, wider – by quite a lot – and shorter than the standard GTI, which gives it hashtag stance – a rowdy rear diffuser helps, too. Inside the swollen wheel arches sit carbon ceramic brakes behind 20-inch wheels wrapped in anemically sized rubber.

This Design Vision GTI is meant to be a “spectacular glance into the future of the GTI”, which is pretty cool, and means the classically designed and ENORMOUS C-pillar will remain and hopefully flow into massively flared wheel arches which also contain big gapping side air intakes. Admittedly, it does seem unlikely that the future Golf GTI’s will have side air intakes and wheel arches wider than an entire Smart car, but the heavily raked windshield and sweeping front fascia and bonnet (or hood, you American) all seem like viable production car styling cues. 


The interior does look very concept car-y, though, but it does appear to be more driver-centric with everything turned towards the driver, which is nice. The rear seats have also been replaced by some scaffolding to improve chassis rigidity and handling.

What’s more, if these pictures are anything to go by, you get a Stig (see below) and cool looking trailer included! That’s if you can actually buy one of these monster Golfs… 


The car will be shown in the metal (and carbon fiber) later in the week as part of the
GTI Treffen in Austria’s Lake Wörthersee. Stay tuned.

By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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