‘Don’t act like you’re not impressed’ – Ron Burgundy Films 70 Ads For Dodge Durango (Video)

Dodge have announced that Will Ferrell will be doing 70 ads for the Dodge Durango as Ron Burgundy.

We showed you the three ads that were taking the internet by storm last week. ‘Great Odin’s raven’, that was a shrewd move Chrysler! Its only 5 days old and the campaign has already amassed 2.8 million views online.  The moment we heard Burgandy would be selling Dodge Durangos, we knew Chrysler were onto a hit. Car manufacturers like Chrysler/Dodge are finally realising the potential of social media and online virality to promote their products and thus increase brand reputation. 

It turns out chrysler were even shrewder than we thought as the cost of the ad campaign is less than normal due to a tie in with Anchorman 2. This means the Anchorman producers and the Chrysler Group split the costs of the ads. So far 70 ads are planned but these are not just TV ads. Some viral ads, Vines, skits that would be too blue for TV. 
Jalopinix have the inside scoop and further deets:

Chrysler showed a few this morning, but not all of them are online yet. (“They’ll be added over time,” a spokeswoman tells us.) We saw a few. They’re all great. It’s hard to pick a favorite, because there are so many. The one where he calls out each one of the Dodge models and says “put it in your grandma’s name!” Amazing. References to the oil crisis in the Middle East and exclaims “We’ll all be driving on moon gas!”? Ballsy.

There’s one where he uses Chrysler’s UConnect nav system to go to “House of Thighs Burlesque” that’s definitely not making it to TV.P

“Don’t judge me, that is a classy chicken burlesque joint. House of Thighs just has great chicken. There’s no getting around it. All I’m doing is supporting the economy. What are you doing?”


“The rear seats fold all the way flat. You know what that means.” *about 20-seconds of eye-fucking the camera*P


“When you’re driving the new Dodge Durango, it isn’t about the nappa leather seats or the seven-passenger seating. No, the real question is: Does it make your dingle jingle? Or does it make your dingle tingle? Does it handbag the grocers? Does it give you the ol’ sticky beak? No, I’m asking you as a a man, does it make your pee-pee go boom?”

If that wasn’t enough we have a few new videos for you that have just surfaced on the internet. 

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