Epic Fail: Shelby GT500 Explodes Dyno (VIDEO)

Warning: for anyone who loves their cars then this is a video you’ll find difficult to watch. A Shelby GT500 demoing its max horsepower ends badly on a dyno…

For those who don’t know a dyno or dynamometer is a machine or rolling road used to measure the horsepower of your car and many car enthusiasts use this for bragging rights.

What this guy thought was a decent display of his Mustangs power at the Expo Performance 24 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, turned into a real disaster. At full speed, peak power, the rolling road exploded with disastrous results. According to ca.autoblog.com there was an estimated $15,000 worth of damage to the Ford GT500 convertible. Ouch!

See the whole video and exploding end here:


And here’s a different video showing the disastrous results from behind:


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