Five Awesome Wheelie Videos

Popping a wheelie, or ‘wheel stand’ as they’re called by people in the know, is just downright awesome. 

Because, standing a car on its rear tyres demonstrates how insanely powerful your motor is, and more importantly, how large your balls are, obviously. Plus, we can only imagine that executing a smooth and elegant wheelie would make many, many pretty girls instantly attracted to you, in fact the wheelie could indeed be an even stronger aphrodisiac than the highly effective handbrake turn. And that just makes them cool.

So, here are five of our favourite wheelie videos from the Interwebs.

Porsche 911 wheelie

Staggered wheel fitment and an 1150hp turbocharged flat six engine slung out behind the rear axle make this 911 a Wheelie King. And completely bonkers.

Wheelie contest

There are actual contests dedicated solely to popping wicked wheelies! Outright speed is pointless here – smooth transitions and big angles are everything. We like that.

The beautiful Crusty Nova wheelie

Would you believe that this was the car and driver’s first ever wheelie? The driver hits the gas, the front wheels are catapulted into the air, but the bloke in the hot seat remains nonchalant and keeps his foot in it, riding out the wheelie like a champ while executing one of the smoothest and most elegant wheelies we’ve ever seen. Well done, sir.

Fast and Furious Charger wheelie

Wheelies at the drag strip are pretty ruddy cool, but if you were to do one on the street it’d unbelievably cool… Which brings us, naturally, to a Fast and Furious movie scene with too many gear changes and an extremely corny script, BUT also a Dodge Charger with its blower staring at the sky and its front wheels in the air. 

Beaten up farm trucks can do wheelies, too, y’know. Sort of… 

Americans, ey? They’ll drag race anything. But when that ‘anything’ is a shagged old farm truck – with a V8 under its bonnet, naturally – that does respectable wheelies and ten-second quarter mile runs, you’ve got to love ’em. 

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