Five Steps to Greener Driving – Go Green and Save Some Green! | (Tips)

1. Sensible and Sustainable Driving

Drive smoothly for improved fuel efficiency of up to 30%
(according to The Guardian). Don’t be a
boy racer! Be speed savvy to cut fuel consumption – The Department
of Transport state that driving at 70mph uses up to 15% more fuel
than travelling at 50 mph.

2. Source a Second Hand Car

Cut costs and buy a second hand car model. Not only will you
save cash and avoid the steep vehicle depreciation of a new car,
but you will save the worlds resources! You are even able to check
the fuel efficiency of car models through online search tools.
Carhoots marketplace is where you can find the best deals on used

3. Join a Car Club: Become a Zipster

If you only need a car now and again, join Zipcar, the
UK’s biggest car club. It’s hassle free, cost effective and
sustainable. In fact, each car club vehicle cuts 26 privately owned
cars on the road, according to a TFL report. Pick up a car for an
hour and the fuel and insurance is covered. You’ll be stylish

4. Lift Sharing: Join the National Car Sharing

Reduce your carbon footprint and commute with colleagues to
work. According to Liftshare you could save up to £800 a year,
whilst also easing traffic congestion and looking after your car.
You’ll never have a lonely commute again!

5. Go hybrid or electric: Set the trend for greener

Invest in a car that produces low emissions and help save the
planet. London has already enforced a low emissions zone to cut CO2
and with tightening Euro Standards (rules on vehicle emissions) you
need to get in there first in setting the future trends for using
environmentally clean vehicles. There are even plug-in car grants
available, see Direct Gov
for more.  

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