Formula 1 Cars: Off The Track

At Carhoots, we’ve taken the F1 Leader board (see below) and after serious deliberation we have made our own ranking of these top 5 racers based on their car choices off track.

It comes as no surprise that these racing celebrities own more than just one impressive sports car, so we have chosen our favourite from each of their car collections to represent each driver!

You would have thought that driving such uncomfortable racing cars for a living these drivers would opt for a comfortable and practical car. Nope! Their ego and passion for high performance vehicles shines through as they own some of the most glamorous and wanted sports cars.

1. Sebastian Vettel  Red Bull Racing-Renault 
2. Fernando Alonso  
3. Kimi Räikkönen 
4. Lewis Hamilton 
5. Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes    

So here are our top 5 F1 (personal) cars. Get ready to see some stunning yet incredibly pricey cars!

    1. Fernando Alonso: Our favourite in the garage…

      Alonso Maserati


        His uber sleek and glamorous Maserati Gran Cabrio; it has a certain “50 shades of grey” edge to it. The gorgeous soft-top makes it the perfect choice for our sun-loving Spaniard. The Gran Cabrio’s top speed is 175mph and is incredibly graceful to drive with enhanced grip and stability. A fast, comfortable and extremely striking car, it is priced at £98,000, which is slightly more affordable than the other contenders here. Alonso’s elegant Maserati has to be given the top place in my opinion – it’s perfection!

        2. Jenson Button: Our favourite in the garage…

          Jenson Button Porsche


            This was the hardest decision I’ve had to make in quite a while; his car collection is really quite impressive. Although Button has been named the most polluting celebrity due to this same fact!

            We’ve chosen his gorgeous Porsche Carrera GT as the favourite, but some of the other legendary sports cars he’s lucky enough to drive include the Bugatti Veyron and the Ferrari F430 Spider. We guess it’s our love for soft-tops and the undeniable elegance and class of this Porsche Carrera GT that makes it stand out! Not to mention its maximum speed of 205mph and the race-car inspired design and technology used. Sadly, the Porsche is a whopping £325,000!

            3. Lewis Hamilton: Our favourite in the garage…

            Lewis Hamilton Supercar


              His epic McLaren MP4-12C Our fellow Brit certainly likes to stand out and is definitely looking for a speedy vehicle off track as well as in the race! With its low weight and aerodynamic exterior, this stunning McLaren can reach 60mph in just 3.1 seconds (link to Need for Speed blog). As found with all of the McLaren road cars, it is a pioneer in carbon efficiency, and boasts of a high quality and innovative design. It is priced at 168,000.

                 4. Sebastian Vettel: Our favourite in the garage…

                  Sebastian Vettel Mercedes


                  The current world F1 champion owns the very bold and lustrous Mercedes-Benz SL Black Edition. It is a powerful high performance car with fast steering and a surprisingly low weight, however it still seems hard to justify the incredibly high price tag of a quarter of a million. It has been called a monster on the road as it can reach 60mph in 3.8 seconds and has a maximum speed of 199mph. 

                     5. Kimi Raikkonen: Our favourite in the garage…

                      Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari Chopper


                      The iceman is back in the game, and his favourite mode of transport is still a custom made Chopper bike by Ferrari. He also drives a Fiat 500, a very modest F1 racer in comparison to others and their extravagant car collections! However, for this reason Kimi takes last place in our “off the track” rankings.

                      Let us know what you thought about these amazing sports cars and the very lucky F1 drivers! Would you rank them in the same order?


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                      By Sarah L

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