Forza 5 Team and TopGear USA’s Tanner Foust Create A Real-life Flick Book | VIDEO

The boffins behind XBOX One’s Forza 5 launch title join forces with TopGear USA’s expert drifter, Tanner Foust, to create an awesome real-life flick book with a McLaren 12C supercar!

Science is often deeply confusing – a sort of perilous maze filled with numbers, weird sounding words and fuzzy hair. When I was in school I once made a gooey rubber ball in science class, but rather annoyingly it broke into small chunks of blue weirdness as soon as I tried to throw it at some solid objects. It was quite rubbish.

This scientific experiment conducted by oversteer overlord from TopGear USA, Tanner Foust, and the boffins behind Forza 5 is less rubbish than the gooey blue ball experiment. It involved Tanner driving the world’s fastest camera car, a 620hp McLaren 12C Spider with a $150,000 camera stuck to its back – probably not with gaffer tape -, at extremely precise speeds past a series of aluminum boards printed with screen grabs taken from the actual Forza 5 game to create a stunning real-life flick book, and something insanely cool.

The director of this whole awesome project, Jeff Zwart, says “in creating this I felt like I’d turned the camera inside out” – quite. Tanner adds, “this project was ambitious… but not so rubbish” and we’d have to agree.

“This was the sort of cocktail napkin idea that never comes to pass because it’s incredibly involved. And it would’ve been very easy to do it in CGI, but we did 100 per cent for real and it’s very, very cool.” says Tanner.

Forza 5 goes on sale on the 22nd of November. Excited? We are. 

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