Fuel Efficient Vehicles: Five of the Best | (Article)

First, which car to buy? Fuel efficiency is something that has
never been more important, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to
compile a list of five of the most fuel efficient vehicles
available today. Let’s face it, if you’ve bought yourself a car
that’s giving you two miles per gallon, you’re going to be skipping
breakfast an awful lot, possibly lunch and dinner too. 
1. Toyota Prius: Originally
released in Japan in 1997, the Prius has been around for a while
now. It is, however, still one of the best cars on the market in
terms of fuel economy. The Prius is a hybrid vehicle, meaning it
uses a combination of petrol and electricity to keep it going. This
also reduces the amount of Carbon Dioxide the Prius emits (89
g/km). Plus, we saw a picture of Miranda Kerr getting out of one
once so that’s made it shoot up in our estimations. 
New From: £21,100            
              Mpg: 72.4
2. Citreon C1: The C1
was first unveiled in 2005, though it has been revamped for 2012.
The car has been hailed as perfect for getting around town while
still being able to deliver on the motorway. Unlike the Prius, the
C1 is simply a petrol engine. Although it still boasts an
impressive Mpg and low CO2 emissions (under 100g/km). It is also
considerably cheaper than the Prius and we all like money
New From: £7,995            
              Mpg= 65.7
3. Smart Fortwo Cdi: Let’s
face it, nobody likes parking. In fact, it might be the worst part
of driving. Smart obviously think so, as they’ve made parking easy.
We’ve all driven past a space and decided it was just a fraction
too small. Not a problem with a Smart Car. This, coupled with an
impressive Mpg makes the Fortwo a very attractive little number.
Especially for those living in the city.
New From: £9,200            
4.Kia Rio 1.1
: Released in 2011, this diesel offering
from Kia has been claimed to represent the most efficient
non-electric car available today. Praised by the Guardian, amongst
others, for its safety features (front, side and curtain air-bags,
ECS stability control) and with an extremely slight 85 g/km CO2
emission rating, this is a strong contender where fuel economy is
concerned. Just don’t go all “Star in a reasonably priced car” with
it. That’s not allowed.
New From: £9,495            
5. Ford Fiesta Econetic 1.2
: On the market since October 2008, the Fiesta is
certainly one of the more aesthetically pleasing models we’ve
listed in this blog. This model’s good looks and small fuel
consumption will certainly help it to remain as a UK best seller.
There are other reasons too, the quality of drive and small CO2
emissions (95g/km) have been widely praised.
New From: £12,595            
             Mpg= 78.5
This concludes our list of fuel efficient cars. Where fuel
economy is concerned, you’ll be hard pushed to do better than these
five motors. Encouraging to see that some celebrities are even
getting involved, there is hope for us all. Some really great
models in there and it just goes to show that you can be driving
smart whilst simultaneously driving in style. One we particularly
like here at Carhoots is the Ford Focus – it’s got the looks and
it’s not going to break the bank where fuel is

Image courtesy of: Mario.  

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