Fuel Efficient Vehicles: Five of the Worst | (Article)

Below are five of the worst vehicles on the market in terms of
fuel economy. A little information about fuel efficiency and some
pretty pictures of them for you to look at. Supercars are pretty
after all. Amazingly, more celebrities own these motors than those
in the previous post and Footballers feature heavily.

1. Bugatti Veyron:
The Veyron is one of the most sought after cars in the world today.
Boasting celebrity owners such as Simon Cowell, you will
typically have to add your name to a waiting list before you are
allowed to buy one. That should give you some time to
re-mortgage your house and sell all your assets just to keep it on
the road for a week. It is very pretty though.

New From: £1m+  M/g = 12


2. Aston Martin DB9:
“Created with passion… to the highest standards, guaranteeing
exceptional quality, reliability and a unique ownership
experience.” It is such quality that has seen the DB9 purchased by
high profile celebrities such as Chelsea’s Frank Lampard. It
certainly wasn’t the fuel economy though, that’s totally

New From:
M/g = 17.2

Aston Martin Frank Lampard

3. Bentley Continental
: Rooney’s got one. It must be great. The Continental
looks amazing and you will certainly look like the boss when you
roll up to Tesco in your all white Continental GTC. That is just as
well because you are going to be rolling up there, a lot, to the
petrol station to fill up. Probably more than once a day.

New From:
M/g = 17.1


4. Rolls Royce
: Rolls Royce boast a plethora of celebrity owners,
even Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds had one and the Phantom
remains one of the company’s best loved models. Trouble is it’s
loved by people with loads of money who don’t have to worry about
spending a small fortune on petrol every day.

New From:
M/g = 17.8


5. Aston Martin DBS:
Much like the DB9, DBS is a popular one with the celebrities.
Famous owners include Crank star Jason Statham and Jack Osbourne.
The DBS boasts some impressive features: Max speed 190mph, 0-62 in
4.3 seconds and a Bang & Olofsen audio system. All great, you
won’t be going from zero to anything if you can’t afford to put any
petrol in it though.

New From:
M/g = 17.3


So there you have it, five of the worst
cars available today for fuel economy. Whilst we appreciate that
you’d need a considerable bank balance to simply afford one of
these in the first place, let alone keep it on the road, we thought
it would be good to illustrate just how stark the contrast is
between these vehicles and the ones we included on our previous
blog: Fuel Efficiency: Five of
the Best

Sources:  www.carbuzz.co.uk
– Fuel Consumption Information
– DBS Specifications

Images Courtesy of: Celebrity Cars Blog,
Okezone, James Clarke and Zimbio.

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