Future Car Headlights Will Turn Rain Invisible | (VIDEO)

Future car tech: driving at night in the rain is a real pain but the boffins at Intel have developed technology that can eliminate this for good by turning rain invisible.

Too many times has rain at night has caused annoyance for drivers, even accidents, sometimes fatal on the road. Finally there is a solution to this that involves futuristic almost sci-fi technology to turn rain invisible. Luckily we’ve got an video and explanation by Luke Westaway at Crave.cnet.co.uk (phew!) below so we don’t have to struggle to tell you how it works.

Cnet explain: New technology co-developed by Intel and Carnegie Mellon University could one day change all that. I’ve spoken to Intel about the new tech, so hit play on the video above to find out how it works.

Instead of relying on a bog-standard bulb to beam light out over a darkened road, the futuristic setup would use something more akin to a projector.

Meanwhile a camera sits nestled beneath that projector, keeping an eye on drops of rain as they enter the headlights’ beams. Information from that camera is sent to a processing unit, which identifies raindrops and makes a guess as to where each droplet is headed.

The projector then blots out the bits of its projection where the rain drops are. The result is a light that shines out from the front of a car in the dark, but doesn’t highlight any rain.

You’ll need a powerful projector to make it work though, and obviously cramming a camera, projector and processing unit into the front of your car will be more expensive than a normal bulb.

As a result, don’t expect to see this technology squeezed into cars any time soon. Intel reckons we’ll see it inside new vehicles within a decade, though.


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