General Motors Advertising On Facebook Again

Almost a year after their public break up, Facebook and General Motors are getting back together. Find out why the car giant GM ‘likes’ facebook again.

Guess who’s back? General Motors is…and its back on facebook again after their controversial decision to pull $10 million dollars worth of advertising before facebook’s IPO last year. They have now returned to Facebook with a test program for its Chevrolet Sonic.

Last May, GM left the platform because their paid ads were “ineffective” with customers buying cars. However, today, Chevrolet marketing Vice President Chris Perry announced: 

“Today, Chevrolet is launching an industry-first ‘mobile-only’ pilot campaign for the Chevrolet Sonic that utilizes newly available targeting and measurement capabilities on Facebook, ” he told Adage. The test is part of a new campaign for Chevy with the theme “Find the roads” campaign.

       Chevy Sonic facebook campaign

Is this comeback to do with the recent firing of Joel Ewanick? He was pivotal in the decision to stop facebook ads and was fired after a falling out over a Man Utd sponsorship deal. We don’t know, but carhoots feel it is certainly a bit of a coincidence. 

Facebook of course were delighted with the news after their embarrassing split, as they said in a statement, “We’ve had an ongoing dialogue with GM over the last 12 months and are pleased to have them back as an advertiser on Facebook.”

It will be interesting to watch their relationship in the coming months and how effectively GM utilises the social media giant.

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